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If you are a seasoned real estate agent or looking for a career change. The benefits of joining our team are real and many. We are a brokerage that provides the office and infrastructure you need, and stays out of the way so that you can do your job. We understand that you do most of the work so you should get most of the pay. We also offer training for agents just starting out in a new and wonderful career. Contact us to get more information, we look forward to hearing from you.


No Nickel and Diming

  • NO Monthly Fee
  • NO Desk Fee
  • NO Phone/Fax Fee
  • NO Copier/Scanner Fee
  • N0 Mandatory Office Meetings
  • NO Mandatory Floor Time

Keep More of What You Earn

  • When a transaction closes, brokers will receive 90% of the listed commission.
  • When a transaction closes, the office will receive 10% of the NWM LS listed commission. (If a broker chooses to reduce the commission the office still receives their 10% of the listed commission.)
  • After a broker has paid $7500 to the office the broker will move to 100% commission. (This is per calendar year)
  • At 100% commission the agent will pay a $185 processing fee for each closing.


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